SEO Websites

Search Engine Optimization Web Design for Your Website’s Success

It is one thing to have a “pretty” website design, it is quite another to have a SEO website design. SEO Websites improve the degree to which your site gets found when prospects type in key words to a relevant Google, Yahoo, or Bing search. The listings that appear on the left hand side of a typical search are known as your organic results. Organic search results are free and are what most people click on when they are searching for a given keyword search phrase! Depending on the keyword term, there can be anywhere from a handful to a hundred thousand searches performed each and every day. You do not have to pay to get your site ranked on a typical organic search, but you do need to have the proper keywords, relevant and compelling content and plenty of external linking partners to get your site noticed.

What to Do Media can take the mystery out of this science, and improve the way in which your site is found, used, and optimized. We bring our full team of experts to bear on your website, analyzing its current performance, researching and writing SEO content, upgrading your design, and optimizing it on the best available platforms. We also match your new (or upgraded) site to your core brand and advertising message. Having a properly optimized website lies at the heart of any successful internet marketing effort.

Another key to optimizing your site is to think local. Tailor your Hawaii, Seattle, WA, or Vancouver, BC, site to links and content that will both support and get your site optimized. Utilizing strategic partner sites and Social Media sites is another proven way to get your site noticed. Think of your website as an island: you can construct the most beautiful resort imaginable on your island, but unless you construct the proper roads and links to the outside world, guests will never find you! Our team will construct the links, utilize the best in Social Media Marketing, and ensure that your site gets noticed and found. Contact us today for your free SEO website estimate.

How do I know if I need an SEO Website?

The first answer is: if you chose a certain combination of key words that relate to your business and input them into a Google search, does your site appear on the main, left hand ranking list? If not, go to the second page, and if not then, possibly the 3rd, and if, after a number of key word combinations are tried, your site simply does not come up, it may be time for an upgrade. Also, look at your site objectively: is it inviting to visitors and does it give them fresh, timely information they are looking for? Does it load quickly and is it user friendly and logical for navigation? Is it easy to read? Does it clearly explain the benefits of your product or service and why you are unique, different or better? Are the photos attractive and relevant? Is the content interesting and up to date? Is it easy to maintain and add new information about your company?

Supporting Pay Per Click and Banner Advertising Campaigns

SEO Websites often work best in combination with strategic Pay Per Click and Banner Advertising campaigns. PPC efforts also utilize key words and strategic link building (to partner sites), and are often a fantastic tool to use to jump start traffic to your new site while the SEO process gains traction. PPC campaigns are often a short term traffic fix, while SEO optimization is more of a long term investment that will constantly improve your site’s organic rankings over time.

Banner Advertising also plays a similar role of immediately getting your site noticed, and represents another short term traffic booster that works well in combination with SEO and PPC campaigns. What to Do Media has a team that is well versed in finding a balance between these options and will provide you with a solution that best fits with your particular needs.

What To Do Media, SEO Website Design and Beyond

If you are ready to turbocharge your online marketing results with a beautiful and functional website, feel free to get in touch. We would love to discuss your ideas and turn them into an award-winning reality! What To Do Media is a Hawaii website design company with offices on the Big Island, Vancouver BC, and Seattle, WA.