• Cross promotes your website, thus driving traffic to your Website. Unlike some social sites, Facebook has no restrictions on driving traffic to your website. One way to link your Fan Page to your Website is by inserting a Facebook widget/badge on your site to link back to your Fan Page.
  • Improves your SEO. Search Engines like Google index content created on sites like Facebook, so your Fan Page content has the potential to generate more frequent or higher ranked organic results for your brand or business. By linking your Facebook Fan Page to your website, you are driving more traffic to your site.
  • Strengthens your relationships with customers. Because Facebook is a forum for social interaction and depends largely on emotional connections, you can significantly deepen your relationships with customers. By connecting with

    them in a social rather than a business setting, with genuine intentions and quality content, you will create loyalty to your brand.

  • ROI (Return on Investment) Metrics are readily available. With powerful metrics like Facebook’s Page Insights tools and Google Analytics, you can improve
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    your ability to gauge ROI.

  • Be ahead of the competition. Why wait for your competitors to build a following long before you do? Stake your claim early to establish your business before the competition has a chance.

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