Develop a Better Web Design to Lower Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your website is the number of visitors who never make it beyond the first page of content and navigate away quickly. A high bounce rate means that your website is falling short of engaging visitors to the degree needed to hold their attention or...

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How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search

If you're a small business, and even if you're a large business looking to pinpoint target audiences, local SEO is a major factor contributing to your site's success. Optimizing your website for local searches, as opposed to broader SEO terms in general, is a critical...

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Why is Responsive Design Better Than Having a Mobile Site?

These days, people are just as likely to use their mobile devices as their computers to access the Internet. This probably wouldn't be a problem except that there are still some big differences between even the most advanced smartphones and desktop computers, and...

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Top 3 Website Content Management Systems

While there are dozens of different types of content management systems, or CMS, available from which to choose, web developers are constantly looking for better ways to power their sites and content. As a result, standards rapidly evolve and it's unlikely that any...

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Organic Rankings vs. Paid Ads – What’s the Difference?

Often businesses are confronted with the terms "organic search" and "pay-per-click advertising" when investigating how to increase their online presence. While these are two very different strategies to online marketing, both can be beneficial to a business....

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Website Content Tips: Improve Your Content Marketing Goals

Creating effective content for the web requires discipline, effective writing and plenty of elbow grease. How can you start creating content that is exciting and gets people interested in what your company has to offer? Here are seven web content tips to help improve...

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